Bringing Agile To
A Waterfall Culture

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Curo Strategies Helps You Get to Agile at Your Pace

IT leaders are typically looking for ways to improve the efficiency of their organizations. Many solutions result in lowering the bar on governance, compliance, quality, and security which is just not acceptable. One option to improve efficiency that continually comes up is a move to the agile software development methodology from waterfall. Curo Strategies will help you get there.

Whether you're just thinking about it or you're ready to get started and have been looking for the right partner, Curo Strategies can help. Specifically, we recommend the following:

  1. Call Curo Strategies to see if we're a fit at 855.301.CURO (2876)
  2. Have us come in for a working session where we'll level set on your environment, challenges, and goals. We'll share our insight and we'll iterate on a high level approach to get you to agile or a hybrid. We can stop there. Or,
  3. Curo Strategies will take what we learned from our working session and, using an iterative process, build out a custom detailed strategy for you. Curo Strategies will deliver the strategy to you in the form of an execution plan. We can stop there. Or,
  4. You bring us in to guide your transformation to agile. This usually involves taking a meaningful project that has the interest of IT and business leadership but can absorb some bumps along the way without crippling a revenue stream or relationships. We can stop there. Or,
  5. Curo Strategies will assemble a master plan to move your targeted projects to agile and provide the consulting necessary to get you there. We'll decide together the level of consulting necessary for your effort.

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