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Architecture Consulting Services

This service is for IT leaders who are responsible for large organizations with a large portfolio of software solutions and a staggering amount of funding required yearly just to keep things running.

If any of the following sounds familiar, we can help:

  • The resumes you get for Senior Architects are typically from Senior Developers that want to make more money but have no "true" experience as Architects at all.
  • You are constantly funding projects to address end-of-life and/or support issues with platforms and tools.
  • Your Solution Architects or Integration Architects have no real architecture blueprint or target state architecture defined to ensure that projects meet business need.
  • You purchased a platform or tool only to learn that it is too costly to integrate into your technology landscape, that the learning curve is too steep, that trained resources are too hard to find, or that your true requirements are still not met.
  • There seems to be difficulty into turning the CIO's or CTO's architecture vision and strategy into executable plans at lower levels in the organization.
  • You are inundated with production environment performance, integration, and security issues.
  • Your software development teams are not getting better at delivering quality solutions despite having funded architecture resources.

Curo Strategies provides seasoned Senior Architects for short to mid-term engagements. We prefer to review your environment, standards, and processes before providing a detailed action plan. We can provide immediate on-site support to galvanize change in the right direction.

To get started:

  1. Give us a call at 855.301.CURO (2876) and let us know you'd like to talk to an Senior Architect.
  2. We'll have one call you to discuss, at a high level, what's happening and what you'd like us to do.
  3. We'll set a meeting to meet with your technology leadership team and proceed from there.
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